Born for Industry 4.0

INNOZENS - Consulting 4.0 Network is born to play a pivotal role in the Industry 4.0 Landscape and Transforming the World to a whole new Digital Era.

T-SKILLS is the Human Resource Incubation Divison being promoted by INNOZENS in order to cultivate the Converged Professionals aka T-Shaped Resources who are in high-demand in the Industry 4.0 era.

INNOZENS | T-SKILLS -  Founded by Mr. Srikanth Talluri (MIT, Stanford) with a vision of establishing a global platform for Frictionless Hiring & Boundary less Talent Access addressing and catering the huge Industry 4.0 workforce demands. He has been a Transformational Consultant working for large consulting firms like Cognizant & IBM serving global brands of scale and size (American Express, MTN, Ericsson, McAfee, Planned Parenthood, GHS-USA, Schneider & MyLan).
Srikanth serves the role of Chief Evangelist (CEO), handling the Client, Partner & Investor relations across the globe along with the platform design & development as a part of the core team.

Our Co-Founder - Mr. Jesse Alexander, carries 26 yeas of experience heading divisions of multi-billion dollar business for LexisNexis (President, Interim CEO), Xerox (VP) and Allscripts (Director). For the last 15 years, he has led IT Managed Services and BPO services for some of the largest companies in the United States, introducing Cloud Hosting, AI and hyperconverged technologies to support their application and infrastructure needs. As a senior leader, Jesse guided his companies through 2 sales, 5 mergers and 3 corporate BPO deals worth, in total, over $1.2B. Jesse serves the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is responsible for overseeing all Platform Development and Commercial Operations for INNOZENS.

Our Co-Founder - Mrs. Usha S. Talluri carries deep fundamental research experience in the Bio-Technology space - specifically on the fungal cell wall properties - coupled with cutting edge Data Analysis & Digital Image Processing Tools and Techniques. Usha dons multiple hats at INNOZENS including but not limited to UI/UX Design, Legalities, Finance and Workforce Management.

INNOZENS | T-SKILLS team is growing with addition of high-value professional consultants and advisors carrying 1-2 decades of work experience in technology, management & leadership - running big brands across all the industry verticals.

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Cultivating INNOZENS.. Fostering INNONATIONS.

"Industry 4.0 has begun.. Let's co-create the Future."

Work to L'Earn



Programs carried out in 100% experiential mode addressing real-world Problems, Gaps and Opportunities.

TIME Blended

Applying Technology, Innovation, Management & Entrepreneurship aka TIME frameworks, tools & methodologies towards Problem Solving.


Master the art of working with distributed and diverse teams of 3-5 members boosting Productivity.


Kickstart a career with all-round exposure on the Innovation, Employment & Entrepreneurship.


T-SKILLS- an INDUSTRY 4.0 SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM is here to cultivate the the Innovative Citizens aka INNOZENS who in-turn are going to play a major role in the digital innovation and transformation space in the decades to come.

WORK - to - L'EARN is our MANTRA

T-SKILLS Mentor Community are from across the globe with proven track records in the Digital Innovation and Transformation space.

Skills Development activities are carried out by introducing every member to a blended curriculum of Technology, Innovation, Management & Entrepreneurship Frameworks, Tools and Methodologies

The combinational use of the above mentioned skills actually transform any idea to reality at every scale - small to big - across every industrial innovation efforts globally


Collaborative efforts lead to quick, effective and quality outcomes. Hence we encourage participants to work in  teams of 3-5 members from diversified age groups, geo-locations, educational & employment backgrounds. This approach helps the participants to learn and master the art of working together in teams spread across globally


All the programs are carried out in 100% experiential mode addressing real-world requirements, problems, gaps and opportunities

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